3 pack of leggings are perfect for adding in your wardrobes!

3 pack of leggings are perfect for adding in your wardrobes!

We have 3 outfit ideas of 3 colors leggings for your reference!!


September 23, 2021 — XIAOLI JIN
How to wear leggings as pants? - Blueenjoy

How to wear leggings as pants?

When it comes to fashion, styles come and styles go. However, there’s one trend that’s here to stay: leggings. Yes, leggings can indeed be worn as pants. The trick is knowing how, and where, to don them stylishly.

What Legging Styles Work Best?

-Durability: Your old, hole-ridden workout tights are fine for the gym but if you're heading to the office or out for happy hour, you usually want a more durable, high-quality fabric. Polyester blends are usually best because they're not only durable but breathable, too.
-Opaqueness: This is a matter of personal preference. While some folks don't mind see-through pants, others want them to be fully opaque when they're outside the gym. If this is important to you, scanning the reviews is a great way to determine a pair's level of transparency.
-Style: It's nice if your around-town leggings have a more polished look than your lounge-around tights, in addition to pants-like features such as pockets and waistbands. Basically, you want a style that looks like regular pants but feels like cozy leggings. Like Blueenjoy —which are “cool and forward, too.”

What Should You Wear Leggings With?

1. Stick to all black for the sleekest look. 
2. Throw an oversize denim jacket on over a crop top. 
3. Pair high-waisted leggings with a cropped hoodie. 
4. Throw on a fancy jacket to dress leggings up. 
5. An oversize tee and sneakers add an effortless, comfy vibe.
6. Throw a duster on for extra coverage.

June 26, 2021 — XIAOLI JIN